Jumping Castles

We have Jumping Castles from small to large - Feel free to contact us to book yours today!


9m x 3m
Excluding Delivery

How to inflate your castle

  • Remove inflatable from the carry bag.
  • Unroll the inflatable at a suitable flat spot on grass, check first for any large stones or thorns that could puncture the inflatable.
  • Attach the outlet pipe of the inflatable to the blower fan and secure it with the rubber band, which is attached to the blower fan. If this is not available, use the rope from the bag to secure it.
  • Switch on the electricity and leave for approximately 2 minutes to inflate fully.
  • Check, once inflated, that the outlet pipe is not obstructed. (That the air flow pressure is not obstructed).
  • Cover the electrical plug with the carry bag.
  • Close off all other outlet pipes. (If applicable).

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